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Flexi Rod Set on Natural Hair

Hi BeauTIFFul! So you all have been asking for new hairstyle ideas and tutorials for the LONGEST! Well I decided to jump out of the box and abandon my usual twistout. I tried a flexi rod set on natural hair for the first time last night and really liked the results. Here are some of the steps and photos on how I achieved the flexi rod set on natural hair


1. I sectioned my dry natural hair into 6-8 large sections. Separating your hair in sections before installing your flexi rods will help you decide how you want your hair to lay and if you want a part. As I installed the flexi rods, each section had 4-6 rods.

2. My moisturizer of choice was Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In and my styling product was EcoStyler Gel with Argan Oil. After layering the products, I installed the flexi rods using the spiral curl method, which is where you wrap your hair around the entire length of the flexi rod, rather than the other method where you wrap your hair around itself (similar to installing rollers). I wanted smaller spirals so I used small to medium sections for each rod.

3. My hair didn’t fully dry overnight (aboutt 7 hours), so next time I’ll probably use a little less gel on each section. When I woke up the next morning, I used a blow dryer on my roots and unraveled the rods.

4. I fluffed my hair out and separated the curls. Then I used an afro pick to add some volume to my roots.

5. Style. I love to pull back one side of my hair. It’s one of my favorite styles and I decided to wear it today.

Here’s the results from my very first flexi rod set. Click through for photos >>
Flexi Rod Set on Natural Hair
Overall I think my first flexi rod set on natural hair came out great! What do you think?