About Me

Who is this BeauTIFFul Curls anyway?



I’m a native New Yorker. Born, bred, and raised. But I relocated to Virginia in 2010. Fast forward to 2012 and I made my way back to the Big Apple once again, this time to follow my dreams.

I’m just an average, everyday, natural hair junkie that plans to take over New York City. You can join me on my quest through the concrete jungle by reading my fabulous blog!

When I’m not blogging about natural hair, fashion, NYC, and on social media, I have a real job, as the Senior Specialist of Internal Content for an organization in the city. Basically I’m one of the people that’s in the know, and my job is to keep the staff informed and engaged.

When I’m not posting product of reviews, funky outfit ideas, and interacting with my awesome readers, you can find me wandering through the streets of New York looking for my next adventure. I also attend a ton of events in New York, both hair related and not, so occasionally I’ll share some posts about my adventures!

Overall BeauTIFFul Curls was created as a diary to share my experiences and practices while growing out my curly hair. Since I’ve grown as a person, and my life  and interests have changed dramatically, I am branching out to incorporate beauty, fashion, events, and other related content. Among other topics, I share styling tips, how-to videos, product reviews and featured stories with the online community each week.

How It All Began…

I have been natural since April 2011, and relaxer free since September 2010. Since then, she has been sharing her natural hair journey and tips with the online community. I decided to start my YouTube channel as a way to document my progress while transitioning to natural hair. As I was transitioning and newly natural, I struggled with it and decided to create the I LOVE My Natural Hair Facebook Page (currently known as BeauTIFFul Curls) to inspire myself and other women to love their natural selves. I decided to share natural hair care information, member photos, tips for natural hair, hairstyles, and product reviews, on both the Facebook page and this website. After a few months it suddenly grew into a huge international group of women who decided to love and embrace our natural hair, which in turn helped us to embrace our true selves.