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What Shampoos Are Curly Girl Approved

A naturally curly girl should know how to protect and keep the curls on for a long time and should also keep them looking healthy and strong. The curly girl should know what product to go for when looking for the best clarifying shampoo for curly hair because washing the hair is always the first step towards taking care of hair.

What Shampoos Are Curly Girl Approved

Best shampoos for the curly girl

When it comes to curly girl approved products it is important to know the ingredients to avoid so that the curly girl can continue to wear her curls the way she would want them. It is necessary that the products are sulfate free and therefore allow them to lather well through the hair leaving the curls looking shinier and healthier. The products should also not have things like silicones which may damage hair, waxes like for example the bee wax and oils that are not natural. All these can damage hair causing it to start breaking unnecessarily.

The curly girl products should also not have alcohol cause dryness to the hair. The protein content should also not be too much because high proteins will make the hair frizzy and they will tangle making it hard to comb and hard to maintain. There are many products in the market which are curly girl approved; you can easily get products that suit the hair including the best clarifying shampoo for curly hair. Below are some of the widely accepted and used curly girl approved shampoos


What Shampoos Are Curly Girl Approved

Overall Best Shampoo – Aveda Be Curly Shampoo

Aveda be curly shampoo is the best curly girl approved shampoo by many hair stylists, though there are some who would argue differently. This shampoo gently cleanses the curly hair and gives is a new shine and leaves it feeling nourished. The shampoo is made with enough proteins from wheat which makes the hair look healthy and strong. The Aveda Be Curly Shampoo is also made with organic aloe blend which helps the hair not to shrink when it is wet and helps it to retract when the hair is dry.

It is a good curly approved shampoo that helps maintain the curls while also avoiding frizz and leaving it looking shinny and beautiful. This product can be well paired with own line of hair products like the conditioner for curly hair and treatments which will help achieve better results for the curly girl. The product earns first place because of its inclusion of the wheat product which helps in nourishing the curls making them look strong and healthy. It is also gentle to the scalp and because of its deep cleansing effect it can be used as a clarifying shampoo especially for those with sensitive scalp and also those with fine textured hair.

Best Anti Frizz And Colored – Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing And L’Oreal Paris Evercurly Hydracharge Shampoos

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo is sulfate free shampoo that is gentle to the hair and scalp and avoids frizz to the hair and clearly defines the curls making them look more bouncy and with a healthy feel. It is a perfect shampoo that will make sure the curly girl gets as frizz free base immediately after wash. It establishes the curl classification and ensures that it brings it back to its original form before it was damaged by adverse effects from chemicals and other pollutants. Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo is gentle not only to the scalp but also to the hair meaning that it can also be safely used on colored hair.

Colored hair is normally weakened by the chemicals that are found in the product hence the need to start using gentle hair products after the hair has been colored.  On the other hand, L’oreal Paris Evercurly Hydracharge Shampoo not only makes the hair frizz free but also gives the hair a comfortable lather and clean feel to the sensorial areas in the scalp. It also does not contain sulfates and comes with natural coconut oil which leaves the hair soft, hydrated and easy to comb. The shampoo has fresh aromatic fragrance and therefore leaves the curls smelling nice and fresh.

Best Budget – Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Shampoo

If you are a curly girl who is looking for good shampoo for your type of hair but working with a tight budget, don’t stress; the Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish got your back. This is not only an affordable product but also a very good curly girl approved shampoo. It is not only sulfate free but also comes with coconut oil and glycerin which leaves the curls soft and easy to comb. It makes the hair remain frizz free for at least 24 hours.

The Garnier shampoo is formulated in a way in which it can make the hair survive well in high humidity areas and protects the hair from excess heat especially during styling in areas like the driers, it can cushion the hair for up to 446 degrees therefore makes the hair retain its strength even after being exposed to high degrees of heat. This shampoo is also good for fine texture hair because it makes it look thicker in volume and weightless enough to improve natural movement. With all these advantages it will not only work for a person working with tight budget but also for any other curly girl looking for a product that will favor and rejuvenate her hair.


What Shampoos Are Curly Girl Approved


Whether you are looking for best clarifying shampoo for curly hair or just any other curly girl approved hair product, there is a wide range of products in the market that you can choose from. Just like there are many shampoos that are curly girl approved so are there conditioners, moisturizers, treatments, hair oils and many others. All you need to know is the texture of your hair and what ingredients work well for your type of curly hair. Researching on your type of hair will help you make a good choice of products that will favor your hair.


What Makes Your Face Younger

To make your face look younger, then you require to use a anti-aging product on your face and other parts of your body. This will make your wrinkles lines get diminished and giving you flawless skin. Below are some best ways to look young every day:

Use the right skin products

While buying for the best anti-aging product for yourself make sure that it is the right one and suits your skin well. You need to make sure that the serum inside your cosmetic products has the antioxidants in it such as Vitamin C which will surely help you in getting your skin to brighten up. And also, there must be retinol present in tour products so as to renew the stimulate collagen and increase the formation of the new cells. Also, make sure that it has alpha hydroxy acid in it in order to remove the dead skin cells and must be used on a regular basis.

What Makes Your Face Younger

Use sunscreen every day

It does not matter in what temperatures you are living in whether it is sunny or rainy days or winter season, sunscreen is the necessity and you must apply on your skin daily. To get younger skin on your face, you need to make these fine lines such as the wrinkles to get diminish. You must use sunscreen with above SPF which is also known as the Sun Protection Factor above 30 to protect your body from getting sunburn or exposed to the UV rays and stay hydrated and moisturized as well.

No heavy foundation

To get younger skin, it is important to keep in mind that you stay away from the heavy foundation as they tend to settle down on your face in the form of the rough patches and also forms the lines on your face. It is better to look for the tinted foundation that moisturizes your skin along with keeping the dryness at bay and you must not rely on any cosmetic products with the powder base. Also, you can apply the anti-aging product for a younger look and must wear the primer on your face before applying the foundation.

Use self – Tanner

You can make yourself look young and safe by faking the glow on your skin by using the self – tanner along with the anti-aging product on your face. You can also use the cream blush on your face which helps your face in getting brighten up and also makes you look fairer and younger than your actual age. Your products must blend all the cosmetic products on your face evenly especially on the rough patches and the lines and thus helping the fine lines to diminish their visibility. All you need to do is to apply your cream in a circular motion and then blend on the edges with the help of your fingers.

Do not use glitter

To get the younger look, you must stay away from the glitters as it will increase the visibility of the wrinkles on your face and thus make you look older. Such as eyeshadow with glitter does not make you look attractive at all but in place of it shows the fine lines and rough patches on your face. And if you a really into applying the eyeshadow then choose the one with dark shades along with the lighter neutrals. Also, stay away from the liquid liner and use the soft pencils to apply the eyeliner on your lids.

Give shape to your eyebrows

In place of using the tweezers to set your eyebrows, go for the salon session as they can change the shape of your eyebrow and will make you look younger. The arch in your eyebrows plays somehow an important part and thus they should be lifted up very gently and gradually in the direction of the temples in place of curving it down when you have got the droopy eyes on your face and thus in return makes you look younger.

Take care of your neck also

When moisturizing your full body, it is suggested that you do not forget about your neck and pay some attention to it also. The reason behind it is that as you grow older, the skin on your neck loses its elasticity at a faster rate than any other part of your body. You must use the anti-aging product on your neck as well to take care of it as you do with your face. You need to moisturize your neck also daily in the morning as well as in the night and exfoliate at least one time in a week and you must wear the sunscreen there also.

Give more attention to your hands

To make your hands look younger you just apply the best product on your hands and also wear gloves when you are washing your clothes or dishes and always moisturize them by applying the moisturizer cream and also keeps the dryness at bay. Stay away from chemicals as well as the hot water as much as possible as they lead to dryness and also cause the itchiness. Every time you wear rubber gloves on your hand, apply the lotion so as to protect them and retain moisture.


With the best anti-aging product if used on a regular basis, then you get to look younger. They help you in diminishing the visibility of many fine lines such as the wrinkles lines which are present on your forehead and below your eyes. Also, you must keep in mind that 90% of what you eat works as the main mechanism behind making you look younger. We highly hope that this article must have helped you in understanding the best ways you can do every day to look younger than your actual age and thus beautiful also.