Monistat for Hair Growth…. Yep I Tried It!

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Do you remember my post from Feb called The Great Miconazole Nitrate (MN) Debate? Well I did it. I tried using Monistat for hair growth. There is an active ingredient in Monistat called Miconazole Nitrate which is said to help promote hair growth by stimulating and oxidizing your scalp. This has not been tested, & I am not suggesting that any of you use it. PLEASE research ANYTHING before you try it. I researched for over two weeks before I decided to try it out. There are no studied cases for this product and it is not proven to aid with hair growth. Long term side effects are not known. This product was not intended for hair growth, and has not been tested for it. Consult a medical professional before use.  I decided to try it out for myself and simply share my experience. I do NOT suggest this for anyone else.
[AdSense-A] I know these pictures are not an accurate length check, but back in early January I straightened my hair. Here is a comparison to when I fully stretch my hair now:

My experience: I mixed up my MN with castor oil and wild growth hair oil, as well as some jojoba oil until it became a creamy yellow custard. I then applied it to my head once every two days for about three weeks. At first, I did feel some tingling for the first few days but that eventually went away. My friends joined in, one was relaxed and the other is natural. My relaxed friend mixed her solution with castor oil and wild growth oil (but in a smaller container) and my natural friend mixed hers (castor and coconut oil) in an old hair oil applicator bottle. One of the known side effects from using MN on your scalp is that if you do not dilute the cream with oils you may develop a headache. My relaxed friend gained a headache pretty quickly, within the first few days, but continued to use it for about two weeks. She also noticed an increased amount of shedding. My natural friend also experienced headaches later on and stopped after about three weeks. I however did not get any headaches and stopped because I ran out of MN. The only side effect that I noticed was that my scalp seemed to be extra tender and sore. I did not notice any extra shedding in my experience. Now for the growth…I did not do a proper length check before I started but I did notice some growth. Back when I tried my curly weave at the end of January, I ended up cutting my hair as I was taking it out. I had a short little bald spot (that I never took a picture of) and once I found this part of my hair again I noticed how long it had grew. I could barely grab the hair before and now it is a little more than an inch long!

Here is the little patch of hair now:



For my friends, they both noticed some growth as well, but we didn’t record our progress. It was more of a personal experiment for all of us, and we didn’t think to do a before and after. Would I ever try it again? Maybe, but I would document the progress better. My friends? They said they would not. We were all wondering about the long term effects of using MN on the scalp. Well there’s my story. Feel free to chime in in the comments section below!

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  • I have heard about this being done but never opted to try it. I would like to say that our hair grows 1/2 an inch to an inch each month, so that little bald spot looks as though it is about that much anyway, especially since you said it was in January that you cut it and it is now almost April. That seems to be appropriate and not advanced. I applaud you and your friends for being brave and trying this so that I don’t have to! 🙂 I agree with you, better documentation next time would be more convincing. Did your friends have any accelerated growth beyond the norm while they used it? I would really love to know.

    • Both of my friends did. My relaxed friend noticed more new growth than before, and my natural friend noticed some growth too.

  • Anonymous

    I think the tingly sensation would scare me away lol

  • Interesting experience! I’m glad you were brave enough to try it. I would say that when you’re trying out new techniques its good to keep good documentation. I’m to scary to try it!!.

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  • iLovePink_J

    I think I’ll try it! You had great results, I can sort of tell It’d be longer if it were blown out!! Thanks! 🙂

  • PharcydeFan

    Hair grows about 1/4 to 1/2 in per month anyway so the growth you saw was probably not related to putting a vaginal yeast infection cream on your head. Just eat well (cut out processed food, sodas, and fast food), drink water, eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains, take biotin and a good prenatal vitamin and you should see an improvement. I assume you cover your hair with silk at night.