December 13, 2012

NOT YOUR AVERAGE SHEA BUTTER! Whipped Shea Butter from The Natural Me

Hey naturals! This time I am coming at you guys with a product review!

Recently, I received an offer to review some shea butter from The Natural Me. Now usually, I whip up my own shea butter mix but mine never quite comes out right. I LOOOVE butters so when the owner Samori contacted me for a review, I was ecstatic! He was completely professional during the shipping/handling and did not ask for any special treatment, just an honest review of his product. & He is very patient! He also features headbands which I will mention in my review.

Now let’s get to the goods….

I received a full size of the peach scent, and three trial sizes in Pineapple/Black Coconut, Cherry, and Coconut.

Ingredients: Shea butter, natural oils

Price: $14

Packaging: The trial sizes came in small clear containers, and the large size came in a large metal tin, which didn’t rust, traveled with me back home and back without a problem, the lid stays on, and it is easy to access the product. What more could you ask for?

Claim: “My main intent beyond the products is encouraging African people worldwide to embrace our beauty and hold it in high regard. All peoples are beautiful in their own unique way and so are we. We don't need to look like that which we are not, to be beautiful.

The products are to encourage the use of healthy cleansers and moisturizers for our skin/hair. All of our butters have pure moisturizing oils like coconut oil, aloe vera oil, hemp seed, olive, and etc. with scents that are extracted from plants, hence pineapple, peach, and cherry. It is a chemical free whipped shea butter, which is excellent for curling, twisting etc. and also maintains the moisture in your hair. If you don't use it for your hair, it can be used as a full body lotion as well. Essentially it is an all-in-one. We also have black soap and raw shea butter.”

Fragrance: This shea butter did not have the nutty smell that unrefined shea butter has. They are scented with different fruity fragrances. My favorites were the cherry, peach and coconut.

Consistency/Color: The shea butter has a smooth, light, and creamy consistency. The color is off white. It spreads and melts in your hand very easily.

Results: I love to use shea butter to seal my hair, yet hate the greasy feeling that it sometimes leaves behind. For some reason, this shea butter was really light and airy, perfect for sealing in moisture without weighing my hair down or leaving too much oil behind. I also used it on my hands and dry elbows (the brisk cold winter made them SO dry) but this product helped a lot.

Wash and go with a puff

Dry twist out

Wet twist out

I used this shea butter for over a week, along with my regular leave-in conditioner, in order for an in depth and honest review. I noticed that my hair likes it better when I use it to twist my dry hair then when I use it on wet hair. It is light enough to use every 3-4 days without a lot of buildup, and I am able to refresh it with a little water or leave in on the in between days.

It makes my hair SO light and airy, which make my twist outs great! But “the proof is in the pudding” right? Well I recorded a YouTube video where I used this product for a twist out.

As for the headbands, I loved them! I received a multicolored pink one, and a purple one. They are thick, high quality, and feel like they will last a very long time. I am not the most creative out of the bunch so I just wore it regularly, but some of his customers wore it as you would a turban, some were really creative and made them look BEAUTIFUL! For styling ideas and the color options please click here. He offers a wide variety of colors.

This was my lazy wash and go puff with the headband. My family loved the band!
Overall, I would recommend this shea butter to anyone who needs a light sealant that does not leave a whole bunch of oil and grease left behind or weigh your hair down. Of course I would recommend the headbands, they are so cute and versatile!

If you would like to know more, you can contact Samori of The Natural Me via phone at713-702-6130, e-mail at, or his Facebook page

Be on the look out for a possible giveaway coming soon!!!

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